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How To Fully Open Upvc Window For Cleaning

Homeowners want to clean each and every part of upvc windows thoroughly. For this, they require the windows fully. So that they can have arm-access to every window part. 

As an expert upvc windows cleaner, I know how important deep cleaning of windows is. You don’t need to bother about opening or cleaning windows.  I will offer you some simple tips and tricks to open the upvc windows fully and clean them thoroughly. If you’re interested, stay tuned!

Safety Precautions When Opening uPVC Windows

You should be aware of potential damages while opening upvc windows fully. Take following measures to prevent any mishap:

  • Fully opened upvc windows may trip or fall, so beware. Also, don’t open them fully in the play area of kids or walk away from your place. Because people can accidentally walk into the area without knowing the potential hazard. 
  • Additionally, secure all the glass panes of the window so that they do not break during the process.
  • Avoid moving windows to extreme positions to prevent damage. 
  • Get assistance from another person for a safe process.
  • If you follow your common sense and keep your senses awake during the whole procedure of cleaning, you can prevent any potential damage.

How to Fully Open uPVC Windows

Release any locks:

The first step to fully open the window would be unlocking all the locks that secure the window. In case of casement windows, a turning handle at the frame bottom moves the window in inward direction when it is closed. You have to rotate this lock horizontally to move the window in an outward direction. 

In case of upvc sliding sash windows, you’ve to flip up the sliding lock in vertical direction to unlock the window sashes. Conversely, for hinged upvc windows, rotate 45-90° the cam handle at the bottom of the frame to swing the window sashes freely.

Fully open the window:

For upvc side hung windows, you’ve to crank the turning window handle to open all the locks and the window. Strongly grip the window handle with one hand and start gently turning it in a clockwise direction. While holding the window frame with the second hand. When you’ll continuously turn the window handle, the window will be guiding outwards. The opened window would be at 90° angle with the wall. 

Note: Make sure not to crank the handle in a hurry to prevent the potential damage.

You can also open hinged windows with gentle cranking of the handle. Firstly, unlock all the locks and then start rotating the handle smoothly. The window will guide outwards. Crank the handle, until the window is at 70° or 90° opening angle. 

Note: Make sure your windows don’t touch the wall and don’t apply too much pressure on the window with your hands. Always get help from another person to handle these big windows.

Cleaning the Exposed Window Frames and Channels

Now your window is fully opened, you can clean it with clear visibility and arm access.

Tools for cleaning:

You’ll need the following tools to clean upvc windows thoroughly.

  • Neat micro-fibre cloth.
  • Brush with soft bristles.
  • Duster.
  • Mild cleaning solution such as soap or detergent.

Procedure of cleaning:

  • Clean the interior and exterior upvc windows with a dry cloth.
  • Then, soak the cloth in a cleaning solution and wipe the window complete with this soaked cloth. Make sure to remove all the stubborn stains, dust and dirt. 
  • After this, clean the window edges with a brush to remove the stains.
  • Don’t forget to clean the interior tracks that allow swinging motion.
  • Clean all the window panes and remove any kind of debris from them. 
  • Remove dust, dirt, pebbles, leaves, and insect carcasses from internal channels using a duster.
  • You can vacuum dust from upvc sliding sash windows, but swinging and casement windows does not allow you vacuum cleaning. You can clean them perfectly with duster when they’re fully opened.
  • Finally, clean the sill and frame once again before re-closing the window.

Note: It’s your golden chance to clean properly when upvc windows are fully opened. That’s why, clean the window properly when you’ve put effort into opening it fully.

Re-Closing uPVC Windows

When you’ve cleaned the fully opened upvc window, it’s time to re-close it. You have to gently return the window frame and panes to their destined position. Don’t forget to take help from another person for a more secure re-closing process. 

You should place your fingers along rails of sash and panes and crank it gradually towards its position.

Side hung upvc windows:

For side-hung windows, you’ve to push the window frame gracefully and gently in an inward direction. Meanwhile, bear the weight of the window with your other hand. Turn the window handle to move the glass panes back to the window frame. Continue turning the handle until it is in horizontal or vertical closed position. Also don’t forget to compress the seals for weather tightness. 

Hinged windows:

Move the hinged window inwards as well as pull the glass panes into the frame using hardware of the window. Make sure to realign bolts and cam locks to the rail to prevent any damage. 

Additional Maintenance Tips

UPVC windows require a little of your effort to maintain them. However, you should follow some tips to make them run for a longer time period for you.

  • Fill the gaps with silicone before winter to prevent entry of cold air to the inside of your room. 
  • You can also add weatherstripping tape barriers along the sills to avoid ice-build ups.
  • Clean your upvc windows with cloth during summer and spring season on a regular basis to remove dust and dirt.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to lubricate window joints after a few months.


You can take advantage of fully opening upvc windows by cleaning them properly.  For opening the window, disengage locks, crank glass panes outward gently at 90°angle, and your window is ready to be cleaned. Clean the opened window properly while following proper guidelines.


How do you clean windows that don’t open fully?

Dip microfiber cloth in detergent solution and wipe the window properly with it. You can use any window tool that provides you reach to an unrestricted area. At the end, wipe the window with a clean cloth.

How do you open a double-glazed window completely?

You can open it by rotating the handle in a clockwise direction and pushing the window gently to open it.

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