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How To Adjust A Upvc Window


Upvc windows hardware gets malfunctioned with time and they need maintenance after a specific time period. If the window parts are loosened, they let warm air escape out, resulting in skyrocketing energy bills. So, they must be adjusted as soon as possible.

As a homeowner, I adjust all the windows and doors in my house by myself. I know how someone can restore functionality of their upvc windows on their own without hiring a professional. If you want to remove all the defects in the window by yourself, this article is for you!

What tools are needed to adjust uPVC windows?

You will require following tools to adjust upvc windows:

  • A key to adjust the window.
  • Screwdriver
  • Knife
  • Plastic Pads
  • Lubricants

What are the main stages of window adjustment?

Your priority should be to hire a professional to avoid any mishap. However, if you can’t hire a professional due to any reason, you can adjust upvc windows by yourself. So, you must know the stages of adjusting the window to perfectly do your job.

  • First of all, do horizontal adjustment of your window by turning hinges both on the upper and lower side.
  • Secondly, make vertical adjustment of your window by turning hinges only on the lower side.
  • Then, adjust leaf pressure by applying frame eccentrics.
  • After this, adjust the handle of the window by tightening screw handles.
  • Finally, replace the old seal with a new seal. 

How to adjust upvc windows?

How can you adjust plastic windows horizontally?

If the window is tilted with touching side leaves when you close it means you have to adjust the upper hinge. This occurs due to hardware malfunctioning. You can adjust it using a hex key, whose holes are present on upper and lower hinges. Anticlockwise rotation of the key will lower the bottom of the leaf. Clockwise rotation will do the opposite job. You must rotate until it is at a desirable distance. 

How can you adjust plastic windows vertically?

Saggy structure of the window occurs due to their heavy weight. The heavy weight puts pressure on hinges, resulting in sagginess. If your window does not close on touching upper and bottom leaves, it means it is saggy. 

Rotate the hex key in clockwise direction to raise the window leaf, while rotating hex key in anticlockwise direction will lower the window leaf

How to adjust parts of upvc windows?

How can you adjust the pressure of the leaf?

Sometimes, due to temperature variations, rubber seals lose their elasticity and crack, resulting in poor insulation. It is problematic in winters when thermal radiation escapes during winters. Most frequently applied solution is replacing these seals with a newer one. However, sometimes it can be resolved by adjusting leaf pressing.

To adjust leaf press, find eccentrics i.e end cylinders (oval in shape) on the opened window leaf. You can adjust the lower hinge as follows. If you turn eccentric of the bottom hinge in anticlockwise direction, the pressure with -0.8mm adjustment leaves. 

While to adjust the upper hinge, you just need to rotate the handle to ventilation, resulting in protruding leaf and you can adjust pressing by adjusting head.

What happens when a uPVC window drops?

If you can’t close your upvc windows against the seal, it can result in escape of heat during winters. It can increase energy bills, and also insects can creep inside your place through them, moisture can seep through and it can be mould on the walls.

How can you adjust the window handle?

Some issues you find with your window handle is that they get loosen, jam or hard to rotate. If it is loosen, you just need to tighten the bolts using a screwdriver. If you feel them difficult to rotate, you just need to lubricate it or check out the bolts. In case of a jammed handle due to any restriction that is not allowing the leaf to change its position. To adjust it, find and remove a blocker on the handle side that looks like a plate attached to the seal when opening the leaf.

How to replace parts of upvc windows?

How can you replace the handle?

You should replace the handle if your children open it on their own for their protection. Replacement is easy, as you just have to unscrew all the screws using a screwdriver and replace it with a new handle.

How can you replace  the seal in metal-plastic windows?

If your seal is deformed, has punctures, offers poor insulation, deformed at assembly chamber point, or has become hardened, you need to adjust or replace it. To replace it, remove the existing seal with screwdrivers, and apply glue to the new seal and place it on the same place. Replaced seal should be of top-notch quality, and make sure not to over tighten it, and apply silicone based gel after half an year to maintain it for a longer period of time.

Regular adjustment prevents the need for a professional:

If you follow these good-explained steps to adjust upvc windows, you can easily adjust your window. There will be no need to hire a professional, thus you can save your money, time, and energy. You just have to understand the mechanics of the window completely to do it in the best manner.


You can adjust upvc windows by yourself. You just have to lubricate the screws and follow all the steps with mentioned proper guidelines for a smooth adjustment of every window part. Additionally, grease all the screws to maintain the window parts for a long time. If an issue does not resolve, please call out a professional.


How can I fix draughty upvc windows?

You can adjust it if you adjust the position of the lock. For this, you just have to open the window, and find the lock adjustment head. Use a wrench and rotate the lock in backward direction which will enhance pressure on the closed window to form a better seal.

Why does my upvc window not close properly?

It is because of the height of the window. To adjust height, move the opened window on the upper side and loosen 4 screws on each frame side using a screwdriver. Similarly, move the window in downward direction and tighten 8 screws there. Now, close your window to check out the window, and make further adjustments accordingly.

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