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Casement windows

Casement windows are a popular choice of  homeowners in Glasgow as it keeps their rooms ventilated, cozy and thermal efficient. Casement windows add an enduring and elegant aesthetic touch to any property.

Trade Upvc Windows And Doors offer you Casement uPVC Windows in a range of elegant designs to suit each and every property.Our Upvc  windows are manufactured using advanced technology to withstand adverse weather in Scotland. 

Here are the key benefits, materials and upkeep requirements of casement windows used in Trade UPVC windows and doors for you.

uPVC Casement Windows

What is a uPVC Casement Windows?

These windows open or close on hinges and open outwards. They offer your room ventilation and energy efficiency. Casement windows come in various materials but we provide high quality virgin Upvc double glazing which is the perfect choice for any property.


Double glazed Casement Windows are coated with microscopic metals to improve thermal performance. Because, they will reflect heat back to your home, making it more cosy for you..

Key Features

Casement windows offer many benefits; here are few listed below.

Types Of uPVC Casement Windows

There are many casement window types available for you.

Side Hung

These upvc casement window styles are hinged at the sides. So you can open it just like a door outwards without eating space from inside the property. They are ideal for you, if you want a wide outside view.

Single Casement window

This uPVC Casement Windows consist of a single window. So you can open and close with the help of a hinge place along the side of the window.

French or Double Casement window

These casement upvc window styles consist of two sashes that open towards the outside. Therefore, these window styles are ideal for wider outside view and enough ventilation.

Top Hung Casement Windows

This casement style is hinged from the top and they swing in outward direction. So, this window style will make your room well ventilated and give it a very lavish appearance.

Flush Casement

Flush casement is amongst innovative upvc casement window styles. This window style is becoming popular day by day.Basically, when the window is closed, it appears as a flush on the window frame. So, it gives your window a very smooth surface.

uPVC Casement Windows

Casement Window Sizes

Casement windows are highly adaptable when it comes to large openings.The size of the windows also varies from room to room. Average window size ranges from 17 to 41 inches while height ranges from 16 to 33 inches.

Replacement Casement Windows

The upvc window casement looks amazing in any type of home. You can install them in any room of home easily. Just like you can install them easily, you can also replace them easilily. Casement windows require occasional cleaning, lubricating of hinges, inspecting seals and locks to guarantee they remain in working order. Casement windows are an ideal choice for homeowners or office decors seeking a timeless and elegant aesthetic. Not only do they provide better ventilation, energy efficiency, increased security, and reduced noise levels – but they’re easy to maintain and can be customized to fit any size or shape as well. If you’re thinking of upgrading your windows this spring, consider casement windows for their timeless elegance and practicality.


Casement Window Cost

Casement windows are one of the cheapest windows. Additionally, we offer you high quality windows at a very reasonable price. Their price ranges from £500-£1900. Actually, the price varies from window to window.

Frequently Asked Questions

UPVC casement windows consist of frames and attached hinges. You can open or close them just like doors. They may swing inward or outward depending on the design.

Casement window depends on features of the window. However, Its cost range is £500-£1900.

A uPVC casement window usually works good for 3 decades. 

There are so many styles, colours of UPVC casement windows available for you, Plus, you can fit in them easily. They are also cost friendly.

Yes, these windows are better than others. Because these are cost friendly and give your home a lavish appearance.

They make your room airy, heat efficient, and are also budget friendly.

Side hung. top hung, flush casement, bottom hung, double frame or french casement, single casement are different types of casement windows.

Cost of white casement window ranges from  £600 to £1800 depending on window size, and glazing

Yes, uPVC casement windows offer energy efficiency. Because when they are closed, they seal very tight.

The casement window opens or closes with hinges . While, you can slide double-hung windows up and down.

Absolutely, you can customise casement windows to any size or shape.