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How To Fit No-Drill Blinds To Upvc Windows

Renters want to change the appearance of the place without causing irreversible damage to the landlord’s place. They demand new and different colored blinds against their upvc windows. For sure, they are in search of blinds that require no drill.

As a renter, I always search for DIY hacks to improve the overall appearance of my rented property. I found no-drill blinds that require no walls drilling walls. Undoubtedly, they are a perfect choice for renters. If you also want to install no-drill blinds, have a careful look at the article!

What Are No-Drill Blinds?

You’ve to drill holes in the sill or wall to install traditional blinds, which is time-consuming as well as daunting. Nowaday, no-drill blinds are an ideal replacement of those traditional blinds. You can install these blinds without drilling holes, just by using a magnet, tension, or adhesives. Definitely, these are a dream come true for those who want a very neat look of their place.

What Are the Advantages of No-Drill Blinds to upvc windows?

Following are some of the extraordinary benefits if no-drill blinds:

Easy To Install

You don’t need to buy a special or heavy machinery tool to install these blinds. Because you can move these blinds easily downward as well as upward, thus these are ideal choices for renters.

Saves You Time

It will take a lot of your time to drill holes in walls to install traditional blinds. While, on the other hand, you can easily install no-drill blinds without any inconvenience, thus saving your time.

Various Colors and Prints

These blinds are available in a range of magnificent colors. You can choose any color according to your decor. You have the choice to select a decent dull color or a bold dark color for your place.

A Great Option For Renters

Renters often find it difficult to make amendments in their rent-place. Because, owners do not allow them to make an irreversible change to a place. No-drill blinds don’t make any permanent change, so are an ideal-choice for renters.

What Are the Disadvantages of No-Drill Blinds?

Just like no-drill blinds offer so many outstanding benefits for you, at the same time it has some disadvantages.

May Not Work With Some Climate Types

No-drill blinds are not ideal for every weather condition. They are not suitable for hot weather, because glue will not stick properly. So, you must watch the climate condition of your place and consult professionals before actually buying it.

May Not Last Very Long

No-drill blinds don’t offer you long durability as compared to traditional blinds. However, if you maintain them and take care of them, they can run for years for you.

The Best Types of No-Drill Blinds

There are basically three types of no-drill blinds installed against upvc windows:

  • Magnetic Blinds 
  • Tension Blinds
  • Adhesive Blinds.

You can install one of these types according to your suitability.

Magnetic Blinds

These are ideal choices for metal frames such as aluminum windows. Because, these blinds have magnets that get attracted to metal frames, and bind with them without creating any need for drilling holes.

How Do You Install Magnetic Blinds?

Installation of magnetic blinds is easy and quick. 

  • First of all, remove all the debris and dirt from the window frame using a clean cloth.
  • Then, hold the unboxed magnetic blinds to the desirable height.
  • After this, remove all the backings of magnets and press them firmly onto the desirable places and wait a minute.
  • Finally, magnets will tightly attach to the metal frame and your blind is hung properly.
  • Note: Look for the instructions from the manufacturer and follow the steps as they mentioned.

Tension Rods

These are ideal for any types of windows, such as upvc windows. They are versatile in nature, and are quick and easy to install. Additionally, you can adjust the tension rods according to the size of upvc window frames,because it is telescopic. 

How to hang blinds with the help of a  tension rod

  • Measure the area i.e., height and width of upvc windows using a measuring tape. Then, order a perfect sized tension rod.
  • When you get your order of blinds, unbox it. Hold it between two hands between window sides. Thread curtain on the rod.
  • Finally, you can tighten the rod by simply rotating it clockwise until it is securely hung.

Can You Adjust A Tension Rod?

Yes, you can surely adjust the size. Just loosen the rod by rotating in an anticlockwise direction. Also, don’t over tighten it in the first place. Because it can affect both the window frame as well as tension rod.

Self-Adhesive Blinds

You can use self-adhesive strips to hang blinds on any type of window frames such as for upvc windows. You can also use these strips to hang images, scenery, mirrors, and blinds. These are very easy to install.

How to Install Blinds Using Self-Adhesive Hooks

  • Most crucial of their installation is correct placement of hooks. 
  • First of all, measure the accurate width of the window and buy blinds according to window size.
  • Then, accurately place the hooks on either side of the window frame using a level.
  • After this, hang your blinds on the hooks and adjust their length for a neat look.

Note: You can also use command strips. Stick these on the back of blinds headrail and remove the protective strips. Then, attach them to the wall.

How Many Pounds Can Command Strips Hold?

Command strips are available in large and small sizes. The small sized curtains can bear 4 pounds blinds, while larger curtains can bear upto 16 pound blinds.

What Makes Self-Adhesive Blinds Stand Out?

Majority of renters adore self-adhesive blinds. You will also love these blinds. Because you will be able to remove them without any mark. Thus, these are ideal choices for renters because they will cause no damage to the landlord’s place.

Why Would You Want to Hang Blinds Without Drilling?

Drilling holes in the walls with heavy power tools creates noise as well as causing irreversible damage to the walls of your place. No drill blinds are the best choice in this case. Because they can be installed without any noise and damage to the wall.

Should You Get No-Drill Window Treatments?

Definitely, no-drill blinds are safe and worth being in your place. But you should prioritize your budget and requirements over everything. You should buy them only if they meet your budget and requirement of insulation, light, privacy, and affordability. If you’re a renter who is afraid of landlords remarks upon making changes in property, then undoubtedly these are made for you.

Things to Consider When Installing No-Drill Blinds

You must consider following tips before actually installing the no-drill blinds.

Hire A Professional

Most people think they can install these blinds on their own. But, you should hire a pro for a neat finish and secure process.

Measure Your upvc Windows

Measuring the window correctly is the key thing. Make sure to measure the height and width of the window accurately. Also, measure the size of each panel. Then, order blinds according to your window measurements.

Choose the Right Type of Blinds

Make sure to choose the right blind type according to your lifestyle and requirements such as light, privacy, insulation. You’ve choice of venetian blinds for the best light and insulation. While choosing blackout roller blinds for maximum privacy.

Consider Your Climate

Always consider your climate before buying no-drill curtains. If you live in an extremely warm climate, buy insulating blackout lining blinds. While, if you live in colder areas, thicker blinds would be an ideal choice. Above all, keep it in mind that adhesive blinds can lose their stickiness in extremely humid, and hot conditions.


In short, no-drill blinds are an ideal choice for renters as well as for those homeowners who don’t want to make holes in the walls. Because these holes can cause irreversible damage to the place. You can install these blinds by yourself or hire a professional for a more neat look.


Can blinds be installed without drilling?

Traditional blinds require making holes in the walls. Now, no-drill blinds such as self-adhesive, magnetic, and tension rod blinds are available which don’t require drilling.


How do you install window shades without drilling?

Tension rod and especially self-adhesive strips are the best options of no-drill blinds and are easy to install. While magnetic blinds are only for metal window frames.


Can Gorilla Glue hold up blinds?

No, Gorilla glue is not recommended. You are advised to choose an adhesive e.g adhesive mounting strip, that allows you to open and close your blinds easily.


Will No More Nails hold up a blind?

Nails are not recommended. Because they will not be able to bear heavy blinds. Use adhesive mounting strips.

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