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How To Stop Draughts From Upvc Windows

People want to get rid of the draught on their windows. They’re fed up with tiny gaps in windows that let cold air inside their comfortable place. Because, these draughty windows not only make their living place cold, but also increase the cost to make their room warm. So, the question that always pops up in their minds is how to stop draughts from upvc windows? 

As a homeowner, I always look for economical home appliances choices. I believe it’d be more economical to stop draughts from my upvc windows rather than replacing it with a newer window. If you’re also looking for the same cause, you’re at the very right place.

What are the causes of draughts from my uPVC windows?

You always wonder that we are your windows draughty or what causes draughts from my window. There can be multiple causes behind it such as., damaged, unaligned or broken windows with dirty or rusty hinges.

How can I find draughts from my upvc windows?

Process is very simple. You just have to move your hand on your window from top to bottom on a windy day. Wherever you feel air, it means there is a gap in your window. Surely, bigger gaps would be more problematic for you.

The best ways of draught proofing windows

Installing weatherstripping and Tape

You can apply self-adhesive draught strips i.e., weather strips easily to make your window draught proof. So you’d be thinkin, what you’ve to do with these strips. First of all, buy these strips either from home improvement stores or online. Then, peel the strip and attach it to your window. This strip will act as an insulator to your room.

You can also tape for this purpose. You’ve choice to cut the tape to the size of draught and apply it on the window to stop incoming cold air. However, both of these hacks work on a temporary basis.

Use brush seals

In the market, you also have replacements of self-adhesive draught strips. You can also buy brush seals or wiper strips to make your window draught proof. These are a bit more expensive than weather strips, but they are worth the price.

Brush seals consist of two parts, one is plastic or metal strip and the other is brush. Metal strip is fixed to the window frame and brush is fixed to the window itself. When you close the window, the brush will slot into the strip to make your window draught proof

Use wiper strips


Wiper strips also work in the same manner. However, it uses a wiper in place of a brush. You can easily buy them from Amazon in a range of colors. They are better because they will run for years unlike weather strips.

Use caulk or silicone

You can also fill up the gaps in upvc windows with caulk or silicone. There is a possibility that you’ll find aps between wall and window or te at the joints of the frame. Simply, use a silicone gun to caulk up these gaps. However, if you use silicone sealant, you will be unable to open or close your window.

Fix window film to the glass

You can also buy windows with insulated window film. It will be economical for you. Because the window will not only enhance the curb-appeal but also will epl to keep your place warm. However, always be aware of any creases on the film as it will affect its insulation ability. 

Use a temporary window sealing product

You can use a temporary sealing product such as gapseal to fill up the gaps on a temporary basis. This product will seal very small gaps. You can also install and remove them easily. Moreover, you can use them more than one time.

Check locks and hinges

Always maintain the locks, hinges and hardware of your windows because dirty and rusty hinges are a cause of draughty windows. You can easily point out the problem with your locks and hinges. Just close your window and check out any gaps between sash and frame. If there is any gap, it reflects malfunctioning of your windows hardware. 

give a deep cleaning of your window once a year because faulty window hardware will affect your insurance also. In case of faulty locks and hinges, you can either replace parts or the entire window.

Invest in thermal curtains

Thermal curtains and blinds can be an ideal choice to enhance the thermal efficiency as well as curb-appeal of your place. Invest in buying top-quality curtains. Because, they will not only keep your place warm during winters, but cool during summers. Also, they will make your place far more attractive. You can just buy thermal lining to save your money.

Buy a Bubble wrap:

Bubble wrap would be an ideal option in waters. Because, trapped air in the bubble would provide an excellent place. So, you just need to buy a bubble wrap and attach it to the window. 

Get yourself a draught snake

Draught snakes or excluders are very pocket friendly. These are cylinder-like cushions that cover gaps at the window base and prevent entry of incoming cold air.. Choose the right draught snake according to window size.

Replace your windows

If all the above hacks fail for you, consider replacing your window. Although it is a more expensive option. But, you will find benefits in the long term from this option. Because, you can save your yearly energy bills and market price of your place with newly installed draught free uPVC windows. You can buy new top-quality upvc windows from Trade uPVC at a very reasonable rate.

Don’t forget to include ventilation

You should make your window draught-proof. But at the same time, don’t neglect the ventilation of your place. So, make your window draught proof in a way that your place’s ventilation is not compromised.

Upgrade to modern double-glazed uPVC windows with Trade uPVC

If you’re lookin for a well-known company in the UK to buy a new uPVC window, trade uPVC would be an ideal choice for you. Place your order online. We will do the rest of the job for you. 


Undoubtedly, draughts on your window make you uncomfortable. Because they affect the thermal efficiency of your place and also increase energy bills. So, you can try out the above mentioned points to get rid of draughts. Also you can replace your window, if they don’t work for you.


How can I stop draughts from uPVC windows?

You can stop draughts from uPVC windows or incoming cold air by doing following things:

  • Installing weatherstripping and Tape
  • Use brush seals or wiper strips
  • Use caulk or silicone to seal gaps
  • Fix window film to the glass
  • Use a temporary window sealing product
  • Check locks and hinges
  • Invest in thermal curtains
  • Buy a Bubble wrap
  • Get yourself a draught snake
  • Replace your windows

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