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How To Adjust Double Glazed Windows

Unaligned uPVC windows can cause draughts as well as affect ventilation of your home. Plus, it is costly, if you get your window adjusted by a professional. So, you must be able to adjust your window by yourself.

As an expert of window-door adjustments and installations, I can suggest some pro-tips to adjust your window on your own. So, you just have to read the article carefully. I’ve mentioned each step clearly to make window adjustment easy for you. 


You’ll need following tools to adjust your window:

  • Measuring tape
  • Ladder
  • Screwdrivers and wrench


Before starting your operation, check if all the tools are available or not. Also make sure, your tool works well for you or not. Plan to adjust upvc windows on no-rain and easy-scheduled days because it may take a while. It is recommended to you to thoroughly read the article before adjusting your upvc windows.

The tilt and turn mechanism

It is very important to know how your upvc window opens and closes. You can open the window by simply turning the handle. Some windows have hinges on the lower corner. The advanced windows have pins on the opening side to enhance the security.  

Adjusting the Height of the UPVC Windows in the Frame

Examine the sash bottom fits in the frame

First of all, open and close your window multiple times to see the bottom of the sash glides smoothly in the frame. If it stucks while opening or closing, raise the height of the window.

Open the window 

Secondly, open the window completely to get full access to every screw of the window that you may need while adjusting.

Loosen the screws of the left side of your upvc windows frames

Four screws attach metal strips to the window frame. You will notice these screws when you open the window completely. Untighten all these screws in anticlockwise one full-turn. 

Loosen the screws of the right side of your upvc windows frames

Untighten the screws on the right side of your upvc windows frames. Do it in the same manner as you did for the left side of the window.

Lift the window sash to adjust the height

You can easily adjust the height in either up or down direction after losing all the screws. If you observe difficulty in the sash closing, move the window frame in downward direction. Conversely, if you feel difficulty in opening the window, move the frame in an upward direction.

Tighten all screws once the sash has been adjusted

Tighten all the loosen screws after adjusting your window. You’ve to give it a full clockwise turn using a screwdriver to tighten the screws.

Adjusting the Lock Position for a Better Seal

Open your uPVC window to find out the lock-adjustment head

There can be a case that your windows open in an outward direction, instead of opening in an upward or backward direction. In this scenario, you can move the locks on the sash either in outward or backward direction. Adjust the locks properly. Because an improperly locked window doest allow the sash to close completely. The head is the part that allows you to adjust the position of the lock.

Place a wrench into the lock head

You can use an allen wrench to change the position of a lock. You can buy this wrench from any hardware store in the local market.

Turn the wrench to move the lock 

You can turn the wrench to adjust the lock in forward or backward direction. If you turn the wrench in clockwise direction, the lock will move in the backward direction. It’ll put pressure on the locked window to improve the seal of the window.

Conversely, if you turn the wrench in an anticlockwise direction, the lock will move in the forward direction and remove pressure on the locked window to lock fully.

No need for a professional craftsmen

You can adjust your upvc windows by following these steps. This even prevents you from hiring a professional to adjust the window. Thus, it also helps you to save your money. 


It is not hard to adjust your window by yourself. Simply, open and close your window multiple times to indicate that the issue is related to which part. Then, make adjustments according to the issue. But, still if you feel difficulty in adjusting your window, hire a professional. 


What can I do if my window hangs askew?

You can turn the screw clockwise to lift the window upward. Conversely, turn the screw anticlockwise to adjust the window downward.

How can I fix jams?

If the window is jamming, you could make adjustments. Turn the stay arm bearing anticlockwise and corner bearing clockwise to move the window towards the hinges. Conversely make the turning in the opposite manner if you want to move the window toward the handles.

Why isn’t my upvc window closing properly?

If your window doesn’t open or close easily, there can be issues with the height of your window or locking system.

What if hinges of windows are problematic?

You should replace hinges, if they’re not working properly.

Will I damage my window if I repair it by myself?

No, you can easily adjust your window by following the above mentioned steps. But, if you still think, you can’t do it properly. Please hire a professional for yourself.

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