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How To Remove Stains From Upvc Window Frames

Homeowners are fed up with yellow stains that appear on their upvc windows with time. Because they make their place look unattractive and ugly. Also, they must have to replace these ugly-looking, yellow-stained windows with newer ones that consume their hard-earned money. 

I am a middle class person who earns money after putting in so much effort. I can feel your pain of spending money on such issues again and again. Therefore, I did proper and thorough research about how you can remove stains on windows by yourself. In this article, you’ll get each and every detail about how to remove yellow stains from upvc windows.

Why do my uPVC windows turn yellow and dirty?

Although the upvc window frame is made of top-quality material, there is a chance of getting them dirty with time. Common issue associated with these windows is yellow stains. There can be many reasons behind it such as.,

  • Extreme weather conditions or regular exposure to sunlight or UV radiations.
  • Use of low-quality frame material and harsh detergents.

What preparation should I make for cleaning UPVC Window Frames? 

There can be various reasons behind yellow stained upvc windows. However, you should clean windows on a regular basis to prevent any major damage. In order to clean your window, you should arrange following tools firstly such as.,

  • A soft brush
  • A microfiber cloth
  • Gentle cleaning solution

What can I use to remove stains from uPVC Window frames?

Now, you would be thinking, what cleaning solution should I use? Obviously, you should use non-abrasive and gentle cleaning solutions that are friendly to your window. We are recommending you some of the best cleaning solutions.

Hydrogen Peroxide:

It is an outstanding choice to clean your stained window. Because it has powerful properties that help to  remove yellow stains easily. 

  • You just clean and wash the window with a gentle dishwashing soap. 
  • Then, spray the cleaning agent on the window and give it some rest. 
  • Lastly, take a wet cloth to clean the window.

White Vinegar:

You can use white vinegar for removing yellow stains from the windows. It is easily available in your home. 

  • Clean out all the dirt on the window using a soft brush. 
  • Spray a solution of water vinegar on it.
  • Allow the solution to rest for a few mins. Lastly, clean the window wit clean water.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is considered as an outstanding material for cleaning upvc frames.  You can use it as a cleaning agent in the following manner:

  • Apply the solution of baking soda and water with a cloth on the window.
  • Leave it for a few minutes on the stained area of the window. 
  • Then, gently rub it to remove all the stubborn stains.

Soda and Washing powder

You can also use soap or washing powder for clearing out yellow stains. 

  • Dissolve either soda or washing powder in warm water and apply it on the window. 
  • Then, wash the window after 10 hours.

How can I clean upvc windows step-by-step?

How can I clean uPVC Window Frames?

Firstly, start with cleaning frames of windows.  

  • Coat the solution of washing liquid and water on the window frame with the help of a clean microfiber cloth. 
  • Then, rinse the window properly with clean water.
  • Dry it using a clean towel or cloth. 
  • Your window frame is all clean using this simplest and easy-peasy step.

How can I clean mould off uPVC window frames?

Mould builds on the window frame with time. It appears a difficult task to clear all of them out. But it is pretty simple. 

  • Use a soft cloth to apply a cleaning agent (mentioned earlier) and scrub gently particularly on the area with mould.
  •  Finally, rinse the window thoroughly with water.
  •  Allow it to dry using a soft-cloth or towel.

How can I clean uPVC Window Sills

Window sills also get stained over time. But you can easily remove the stains by taking simple steps. 

  • Use a soft cloth to remove all the dust on the sill.
  • Then, coat a gentle and window-friendly cleaning solution such as., white vinegar, detergent or baking soda solution. 
  • Use a sponge or cloth to gently scrub the solution on the sill.
  • Use clean water to rinse the sill thoroughly.. 

How can I clean uPVC window panes?

Just spray a glass cleaner on the panes and clean the pane in circular motions using a cloth. Don’t apply over pressure because it can cause cracks on panes.

How can I get my uPVC white again?

You can get it easily by following some steps.

  • Cleanse the window with a soft cloth.
  • Coat a cleaning solution for example vinegar, baking soda, or washing liquid
  • Lastly, scour it with clean water. 

What should I avoid applying on my uPVC window frames?

You are prone to make some mistakes when you’re removing stains. These mistakes can cause permanent damage to your window, so you must avoid making them. You should not use following cleaning agents and materials on your window:

  • You must avoid bleaching on yellow-stained windows. Because bleach will not clear out stains but it’ll affect the window material.
  • Also avoid using varnishes, spirits on your windows.
  • Above all, don’t exert too much pressure on your window and refrain yourself from using sandpaper because it can lead to permanent scratches on the window frame.
  • Use of harsh and abrasive cleaning agents, hard-brushes and not rinsing the window properly with water after cleaning the window must be avoided.

How can I stop my windows from getting dirty?

You can follow following simple tips to prevent any stain getting accumulated in your window:

  • Clean your window daily with a damp and microfiber cloth.
  • Use curtains or blinds to avoid entry of too much dirt and debris.
  • Also, give your window a deep cleaning once a month. For this, firstly clean the window with a cloth, then apply cleaning solution and lastly rinse it with clean water.


Hence, you need not to spend your money on replacing stained windows with newer windows. Because you can remove all the stains by yourself. You just have to get the tools, cleaning solutions and then apply them on yellow stains using guidelines we provided you in the article. Your windows are all-clean now!


What should I use to clean uPVC windows?

You should use those materials and solutions that don’t cause damage to your window. You should use a soft microfiber cloth, towel or sponge. Similarly, apply non-abrasive and gentle cleaning agents such as baking soda, vinegar or any upvc cleaner.

Do I need to hire a professional to clean yellow stains on my window?

No, a professional is not required. Because, you can easily remove yellow stains by yourself.

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