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How Much For Double Glazed Windows

Homeowners want to get proper guidelines about the cost of double glazed windows. They are interested to know which glazing type, frame material, window size and style is best for them. They are also curious to know about the cost of most economical double glazing Upvc windows .

As I recently install double glazed upvc window from Trade UPVc, I can assist you with every query. For sure, double glazed upvc windows are a good option for you at an affordable rate. But other frame materials in various size and styles are also available to know. If you want to know every detail about the cost of various frame materials, window size and style, stay tuned!

What are the factors that influence double-glazed windows’ cost?

 Overall, the cost of installation is influenced by several factors.

Frame material

Your window cost varies according to frame material. Frame material can be upvc, timber, or aluminum. uPVC window frames offer durability and insulating properties at affordable rates and require a little upkeep. On the other hand, aluminum windows offer more window support and are stronger material. But, at the same time, they are costly and don’t offer maximum insulating properties.

 Above all, the most expensive window frame is timber. Timber offers excellent insulation and enhances the curb-appeal of your place. But, it requires more upkeep as compared to upvc or aluminum. Approximately, you’ll need £525, £800, and £1200 to install a upvc, aluminum and timber window. Some window frame material is made by combining two materials to get benefits of both.

Window style

Price of the window also varies depending upon the style of window. Casement windows and fixed windows are the most economical options. You can’t open fixed windows, while casement windows can be opened from one side.  However, tilt and turn windows and sliding sash windows can be opened from multiple points and hence are more expensive options. Above all, bay and bow windows are the most expensive window styles because of their advanced features.

Window size

Large windows require more material and more labor to install them due to their huge weight. Thus these windows are more expensive than smaller-sized windows.

Type of glass

Your choice of glass also affects the cost. You have the choice to choose a regular, laminated, toughened or low-emissivity glass. However, all of these glass types are more expensive than regular glass used.

Number of windows

Increase in the number of windows definitely increases the cost. But, it can be beneficial for you. Because, you may get huge discounts, if you book windows in bulk. Similarly, the installation cost will also go in your favor. As you don’t have to pay the full installation fee separately for each window. More importantly, your time and energy will be saved.

Why buy double glazed windows?

Double glazed windows are durable with an average life of 20 years. These windows offer your place thermal insulation and make it sound proof, reducing your annual energy bills. However, triple glazed windows are better in insulation and soundproof ability than them. But they are more expensive. So, double glazed windows are a better option at an affordable rate.

What is the average cost for double glazed windows in the UK?

You will require almost £4500 to install upvc double glazed windows in a 3-bedroom house on an average. However, the cost can vary depending upon size, style, and number of windows, material of frame and type of glass used in panes.

Which type of double glazing is best?

In double glazing, an additional pane is placed to enhance insulation and sound-proof ability. There can be various types of double glazed glass panes. Low-emissivity glass with a coated microscopic layer offers greater insulation to your place as compared to regular glass. 

Toughened glass lessens the chance of injury if it is broken. Thus, it is way more strong and safe than regular glass panes. Laminated glass has a plastic layer between two glass panes , thus enhancing the ability of sound-proof and  protection from UV. 

You can choose double glazed windows in upvc, aluminum or timber frame material. Cost will vary according to frame material. However, upvc would be the most pocket friendly. 

How much do energy-efficient double-glazed windows cost?

Definitely, energy efficient double glazed windows will reduce overall annual energy bills. You can increase the energy efficiency of your place by filling argon gas between glass panes, using low-emissivity glass coating on your window, or by installing triple glazed glass panes.

But, they will be a bit more expensive options. Filling of argon gas between glass panes and use of low-emissivity glass will cost you $120-$2500, individually. 

What is the price to double glaze a house?

First of all, decide that you’ve to replace all the windows or some specific windows in your place. Because, it will impact overall pricing of window installing. If all the windows in your home are old and don’t provide you insulation and safety, you should replace them all. 

However, at times some of the windows don’t function, for example windows on the outside stop working properly because of their continuous exposure to extreme weather conditions. In this case, you should install only impaired windows to save your money. Certainly, it will cost you more to install all the windows altogether.

You can also install triple glazed upvc windows for extra sound-proofing, and insulation. These triple-glazed windows are an ideal choice in cold areas in the UK.

How much does double-pane window installation cost?

There can be variation in Installation cost based on the process of the installation process. Because big-sized windows require more labor to install them. However, on an average, it will cost you somewhere between £40-£150/window, the latest installation prices in the UK. 

Can I Install Double-Pane Windows Myself?

You can install windows by yourself. But, we will not recommend you to do it. Because, if the window size is big and is not easy to install in your location, you must hire professionals to prevent any mishap. Paying a little more money can save you from a lot of trouble.

How much do replacement UPVC windows cost?

You can replace a few of impaired window units or entire windows based on the need of the hour. However, it will cost you £200-£600 to replace a standard glass double glazed window. The price can vary based on window size, style and number.

Money-saving tips for double glazing upvc windows 

The best money saving tip is to buy a window from a reliable company to not compromise on the quality of the window. Because poor quality material will not run for a long time. Buy upvc windows if you’re looking for a pocket friendly window frame material. Similarly, hire professionals to install your window to avoid any accident. 

Useful double glazing checklist

  • First of all, decide how many windows you’ve to install.
  • You can install cheap window styles such as casement for the back, and big-sized expensive window styles in the front to enhance curb-appeal of your place.
  • Get consultation from a professional about which double glazing you should opt for your place.
  • Go to 4-5 companies to get a more reasonable price in the market.
  • Choose the company for installation that offers you some special discount. 
  • Buy windows and hire professionals from a FENSA registered trade company.


In short, there are various factors that affect the overall cost of windows. Number of windows is of primary importance. Similarly window size, style, and frame material also matter. The most pocket friendly option for you is double glazing casement upvc windows


What is the price for installing  double glazed windows in a 3-bedroom house in the UK?

It will cost you £4500 to double glaze a 3-bedroom home on an average . The most economical option for double glazed windows is upvc material and timber is the most expensive yet aesthetic option for your place.

How much is a double glazed window on an average?

A double glazed window cost £500 on an average. Price can vary based on style, size, and frame material.

Is it worth replacing 20 year old double glazing?

Yes, it will be worth the price. Because it will make your room comfortable according to the weather and will reduce your energy bills.

How much should I budget for new windows?

If you want to install a double glazed upvc window. One window will cost you somewhere between £150-£450.

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