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Homeowners always question the price of upvc windows. They are confused about which upvc window style is the cheapest or which window style would be the best choice for their place at a reasonable rate. These queries are valid and they must be addressed to purchase the best window at the best reasonable price.

As I’ve been working in a windows company for a longer period of time, I can help you out with these questions. Because I understand how much the price of a product matters to a customer. You can get answers to all your questions about the latest prices of upvc windows in this article.

Why are uPVC windows so popular?

Upvc windows are popular these days. Because they are highly durable, resistant to extreme weather conditions, thermally efficient, versatile in colors and styles and pocket friendly. Indeed, these are an ideal pick for double or triple glazing windows.

The Cost of UPVC Windows

Pricing of a window is related to multiple cost factors such as window size, number, and its glazing type. It also depends on where you live, access to your area is easy or not,  does it require a permit of the building where you live or some other customized amendments.

uPVC window prices by style- 2024

Casement windows

A casement window is hinged at one end i.e., top or side. They have a single or two opening windows in the frame. They are the most pocket friendly windows available online, with a price range of £600-£1800.

Sash windows

These windows have two sliding panels. You can slide them up and down, thus they give your place a more lush appearance. These windows are seen everywhere in the UK. They are a bit more pricey because of their high demand. Their price range is £900-£2700.

Tilt and turn windows

You can tilt these windows inward to maximize the air flow to your place. You don’t need to open them completely as you can slightly tilt them to allow air without compromising on security. Their price range is £850-£2250.

Bay windows

Bay windows open outward from your place, thus save the space. It looks like a decorative piece from outside. They are highly priced because of their look. Their price range is £1200-£3600.

Bow windows

Bow windows give your place a modern round appearance and are more pricey than bow windows. Their price range is £1600-£5000. They would be on your top-choice if you want to maximize light to your place along with a modern look.

uPVC window prices by glazing- 2024

Double glazed window glass

Double glazing assists you to keep your place warm and soundproof. They also help you to reduce your gas bills. They could be an ideal option if you live in an extremely cold and noisy area. 

In double glazing, an additional glass pane is installed inside the window, which increases the price of the window. Double glazed windows are worth investing in. Double glazing will require £200-£1800. The range depends upon the type of glass used. 

Best type of double glazing:

There are basically two types of double glazing. Annealed or float double glazed windows consist of two panes with air in between. Although, it is very hard to break. But you’ve to be careful. Because if it breaks, it can cause harm to you. It costs on an average £35/metric square. Second type is tempered glass double glazed windows, which are more pocket friendly. 

Triple glazing glass

Triple glazing adds an additional glass pane than double glazing to further enhance insulation, thermal efficiency and soundproof ability. Their price is greater than double glazed.

How to lower the costs to hit your target budget?

You can lower the cost of the window to match your budget. You can do following things:

  • Select a simple window style.
  • Choose lush designed windows for front and comparatively simpler designs for the back and rest of place.
  • Choose triple glazed windows for street side rooms to cut the noise. Otherwise, there is no need for triple glazed windows. You can install double glazed windows that are way more pocket friendly.
  • You can ask your installer for a special discount if you’re buying a number of windows from them.
  • Also check the rates of at least 3-4 companies in the market to buy windows at the best minimum price. Moreover, look for discounts available online to get more benefit.

Finding the right window installer:

It’s the most crucial thing to find the right window installer. Try to get a personal recommendation from a family member, relative, friend, or neighbor. Because, if these people have installed upvc windows in their place, they can help you to find the right installers. 

Secondly, you can research about authentic companies on google. We also have a recommendation for you. You can get top-notch quality windows and doors from Trader uPVC windows and doors at a very pocket friendly rate in the UK.


In short, you should buy a window style according to your affordability. Don’t always go for expensive choices. Just focus on the requirements of your place and install a window accordingly.

Frequently asked questions

Which are the cheapest window frames?

UPVC windows are comparatively cheap windows. However, tier price can vary based on window style and glazing type. Casement windows are undoubtedly the cheapest frames as well as styles of windows. But, other upvc window styles are also pocket friendly.

How much does window replacement cost?

The replacement cost varies depending on window type. However, the casement window price range of £600-£1800. Double glazed windows in a three bed-room house is £1000-£8000.

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