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Can you paint UPVC doors?

Can you paint UPVC doors?

Many people get confused and think, can we paint UPVC doors? So, yes, these doors can be painted with a brush easily to enhance the overall look of the doors and the home. There is no doubt that when homeowners see that their entries are getting old, they want to paint them to look new. 

UPVC is one of the best doors that provide many benefits such as security, energy efficiency, durability, and noise reduction. But its primary use is that it can easily be painted whenever you want. So, in this article, we will tell you how you can paint UPVC doors. 

How can you paint UPVC doors?

Here, we will discuss how you can paint UPVC doors easily, making your doors fantastic. 

Step1: Clean the Door Surface

It is the primary and critical step to paint the UPVC doors. Firstly, you will wash the UPVC doors with soap and soft cloths, removing the dirt and germs. Remember to let them dry for a few minutes, and then you must go for the next step. Additionally, when you are cleaning your doors, avoid harsh chemicals and stiff brushes because they can damage the surface of the doors. 

Step 2: Sand the Surface

When you have washed the doors. Then, lightly sand the UPVC doors with fine-grit sandpaper, creating a flush to the surface of the door. It will help the paint stick better for a lasting finish. So, if you want a long-lasting finish for your doors, always take advantage of this step. 

Step 3: Apply Primer

After that, you have to use a UPVC primer to prepare the surface of the doors. After training, apply the thin, even coat, and leave some minutes or an hour to dry it. Remember to let them dry because it can damage the surface thoroughly.

Step 4: Paint with Care

When doors are dry, select the high quality, which means good exterior paint according to your home’s designs. Remember, the colour must match your home design, enhancing the beauty of your overall appearance. After that, remember to apply two coats and let each coat dry for a professional look. 

Step 5: Seal for Protection

Then, you must finish with the clear sealant, protecting from the elements, such as rainfall, fire, sunlight, etc. This step will help enhance the durability of the doors to keep your painted UPVC doors looking fantastic for a long time. 

Why do homeowners paint UPVC doors?

You want to know why homeowners paint the UPVC doors. So, here we will tell some key reasons. 

  • Personal Touch: Homeowners paint UPVC doors to add natural beauty to the home. That means they use colours that are perfect for home designs and catch the eyes of everyone.

  • Budget-Friendly Upgrade: It is a great way for low-income people to save. That means the paint is an excellent idea for upgrading the look of the doors instead of changing the new ones.
  • Customising for Seasons: Many homeowners’ preferences change over time. When they feel something should be new, enhancing the home’s beauty, they paint their UPVC doors. You can choose every colour for your doors according to the weather.

  • Quick Home Makeover: When you paint UPVC doors, it provides a quick and easy home makeover to boost the overall curb appeal, which is essential.

  • Avoiding replacement: When you want to change the doors because you have changed the home’s colours, you can easily paint them. That means you need to worry about the replacement of it. 

Which things should we avoid when we paint UPVC doors?

 Here, we will discuss some key things that you should avoid when you paint the UPVC doors, increasing the life of your doors. 

  • Harsh Chemicals
  • Abrasive Scrubbing
  • Dirty Surfaces
  • Skipping Primer
  • Dark Colors in the Sun

Harsh Chemicals

When you paint the UPVC doors, avoid using strong chemicals because they can harm them. It can damage the UPVC materials, which is unsuitable for your doors because it can save you money. 

Abrasive Scrubbing

It is the most essential thing that you must avoid. Don’t use abrasive cleaners or rough pads because they can scratch the surface of the UPVC and waste your money to clean or convert it in good condition. 

Dirty Surfaces

Make sure the UPVC surface is clean when you start painting. If it is not cleaned, dirt and germs can affect the colour, and it will not look good after painting. So, remember to clean the doors accurately. 

Skipping Primer

Always use primer when you paint your UPVC doors. It will always help to look at patio doors. Many homeowners skip primer but remember that they always use it if you want UPVC doors to look the same or new. 

Dark Colors in the Sun

Sunlight can be harmful to UPVC doors. When you paint, your doors must avoid direct sunlight because it can absorb heat, which is unsuitable for the doors and their classic appearance. 

 Final Thoughts

As you know, UPVC is one of the best uPVC windows and doors in all. You can say It is the king of all entries. These doors provide many excellent benefits that are essential for you, but the main advantage is they have the power to increase the beauty of your home. If you also have UPVC doors in your home and you want to paint because, for some reason, you can easily paint. 

By following these easy steps, such as Cleaning the Door Surface, Sanding the Surface, applying primer, painting with Care, and sealing for Protection, you can paint the UPVC doors, enhancing the overall look of your doors and home. So, don’t wait; paint UPVC doors easily, enhancing the beauty to catch the eyes of everyone. 

Please share your feedback, and feel free to ask anything; we would love to hear from you. Thank You for reading this entire blog!


Q1: Why do homeowners paint UPVC doors?

A: Homeowners paint the UPVC doors for some reasons, such as when they don’t want to replace their doors when looking for new ones and when they see a change in the colours or designs of their homes. 

Q2: Is it necessary to hire a professional to paint UPVC doors?

A: Hiring a professional or experienced person is good for the longevity of the doors. 

Q3: Is painting the UPVC doors essential?

A: Painting the UPVC doors is optional. It’s up to you when you want to enhance the beauty of your doors so you can; otherwise, this is unnecessary. 

Q4: What paint do you use for UPVC?

A:  Zinsser Allcoat I use for a UPVC paint. 

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