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When you purchase something so, you always take care of it. You are excited and possessive too much for your things. If you will not take care of your things so it can damage or break  and your money can waste. Specially, you take care of your home’s things because you invest your money in it.

If you are worry about your door’s maintenance and if you have UPVC door, so don’t take tension about this maintenance because UPVC doors are an excellent addition and best choice for home or office. These doors can easily to clean the frames and panels of your UPVC doors. They are durable, energy efficient, strong. UPVC doors require regular maintenance to their longevity and optimal performance. If you want that your doors life is long time period and always give you good performance so I will tell here some tips of UPVC doors maintenance for longevity and optimal performance. 


  • 1. Check the door locks

    When you go to purchase these doors so always check the locks.  The locking system of UPVC doors is an important safety for your safety. Check keys are working good or not. Stand on the outside close the door and check lock. The lock should be properly wedged in to the strike plate. And check the lock is smoothly and securely .

    2. Clean the doors regularly

    It the one of the most important maintenance task for UPVC door. You should clean the doors regularly for looking good functioning properly. Take a soft cloth and dip in to the water and remove dirt and grime. Always avoid chemical and abrasive because they can damage door’s surface.

    3. Be careful the keys

    Always take care about the keys of the door because it can damage the doors if it is not handled carefully. Avoid forcing the key in to the lock. Don’t use key of the other door if key does not go easily.

    4. Door’s lubrication

    The moving of your UPVC door like hinges, locking, and handles should be lubricated regularly to keep smooth and softly. Because sometimes its difficult to move which can put extra strain on the door. Always use the silicone-based lubricate because of avoiding damaging the door and which is less attract the dirt and dust.

    5. Adjust the door

    Sometimes your door is not close and open easily due to the changing weather like specially in raining season, you should adjust it. Adjust the hinges or the locking system. If you don’t know how to do this, consult the manufacturer’s to check it.

    6. Check the seals

    Seals are play an important role for UPVC door for keeping out draft and preventing heat loss and weather out sometimes it can be damage, so raining water comes in to your home and  it can reduce their good work and effectiveness. Check regularly the seals specially in raining season and replace it if necessary otherwise no.

    7. Be gentle with the door

    This is also the most important tip of maintenance the door for longevity. UPVC doors are designed with a long lasting, but it can damage if you are subjected to excessive force or rough treatment. Be careful when you open and close the door, don’t open and close the door fast. Always avoid slamming it or putting too much weight on it.

    8. Avoid harmful thing

    It is the most necessary for your life. If you live in particularly humid city so avoid using cooking oil and use petroleum jelly. Because these type of doors cannot absorb this type of things.

    9. Finishing the door

    If you want that your door looks beautiful and your door’s color are gotten too much old so do beautiful color on your door and repeated it every 4-6 months. Apply new paints and finishing it if needed.

    10. Start spraying

    Spray the liquid from the top and bottom and in which direction you want to clean, the vinegar, soap, and water solution is suitable for these doors. If you satisfied that the liquid is in all the right places, so you can wipe and clean the door. Do not use the scrub because it can irreversibly damage the door’s finish.



Why doors maintenance is important?

Following are some important reasons for why doors maintenance is important.

· Reduce downtime

· Costly repairs are avoided

· Your doors will long laster

· Security

· Always live beautiful

· Attracts more to people


Everything wants care and maintenance for their life. Don’t take tension about the maintenance of UPVC doors. It is your excellent opinion if you have chosen these doors.  They just want our little time to care.  If we give our little time so it can become beneficial for us and give us more satisfaction which everyone wants in their life. These doors requires regular for 3 to 5 minutes maintenance for ensure optimal performance and longevity.

 Regular clean it with soft cloth, check daily the moving part of your door. If your door is not moving so adjust it and don’t use open and close the door fast because it can damage the door. If you have lost your door’s key so don’t use another key it can break your lock. If you are working in the kitchen so take care always because these doors cannot absorb any type of chemicals, it can be harmful for you.

 If you follow these all steps so you can easily keep your UPVC door in top condition for many years to come.

We will wait for your good feedback. THANK YOU.


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