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How To Fit upvc Windows

Homeowners and business-owners want to fit upvc windows on their own. Because they desire to save their money. So, they demand clear-cut guidelines to easily install their window. 

As a young entrepreneur, I always search for new-skills and business ideas. Fitting upvc windows is a new and ideal business idea for you. In this article, you’ll learn everything about how to fit a upvc window.

Components of uPVC double glazed windows

You will require following components to install upvc windows:

  • Window frames 
  • Sill with end caps
  • Glass and Glass beading

Materials You’ll Need

Following tools will help you to install window:

  • Cement
  • Silicone
  • Sealant
  • Chisel
  • Screw driver, Hammer, screws and plugs
  • Fluid to clean windows

How to Fit Upvc Windows

uPVC is used to make the window frames. These windows need little upkeep and you can install it very easily. But, you’ve to remove an existing window to install it. 

Removing an Existing Window

If you want to remove an existing window, follow these points:

Measure the space to install the uPVC windows

Firstly, measure the height and width (area) by using a measuring tape of the space in which you want to install the window. It will help you to choose a new upvc window of desirable size.

Remove the screws of the existing windows 

Secondly, unscrew all the screws of the window frames using a screwdriver. 

Cut the old window frame:

Now, cut through the sealant that holds the window in the wall using a knife. Additionally, place a flat pry bar between wall and frame and apply force to displace the window away from the wall.

Hammer the old frame out of the wall:

Finally, pound a mallet against all the corners of the window frame to remove it. If it doesn’t separate, use a hammer on the edges of the frame. Now, remove the window from outside of the house

Scrape away any left-over sealant:

After removing the window, scrap away all the left-over sealants using a knife.

Capping the uPVC Sill

Buy a window frame smaller than the wall opening

Get high-quality upvc windows from Trade upvc doors and windows. Buy a upvc window that is 10 mm smaller than the wall opening. Because, you’ve to leave a space of 5 mm between the wall and window frame on either side. 

Fit the sill to the frame using super glue

Now, fit the sill end caps to the window frame using super glue. 

Screw the sill into the frame

UPVC windows have PVC screws installed in the frames. You will have to install these screws in the holes of sills. Also, you should tighten screws using an electric screwdriver.

Seal the ends of the uPVC windows 

Add silicone caulk in spaces left between sill and frame to prevent entry of water in them.

Installing the uPVC Window Frame

Install the new frame into the wall opening

Place the window frame into the wall opening. You should be two in number to install the frame accurately.

Drill fixing holes into the frame sides 

Measure and mark 15 cm from up and bottom of the frame. Now, make holes in the marked points using an electric drill.

Squeeze a bead of silicone into the holes

Now, run silicone on the holes to prevent entry of water.

Drill the fixing screws

Finally, drill the screws through the frame into the wall. Also, don’t forget to tighten them. But, make sure not to over-tighten the screws that they damage the wall.

Fitting the Glass and Beads

Insert glazing platforms into the glass-frame

Insert glazing platforms into the top and bottom of the panels before inserting the glass itself. These platforms are made of plastic. 

Insert the glass panels into frame

Now, install the glass panels into the place in the frame. You will be provided with a number of panels. Install carefully according to the space in the frame.

Hammer the beads into sides of glass-frame

Glazing beads fit at the bottom of the sash where the glass frame and the edge of the sashmeet. Also, apply the mallet to gently hammer every glazing bead into the place. 

Run silicone between the frame and internal wall

Run a bead of silicone caulk between the sash and internal wall to prevent entry of water or any undesirable entry. Also, run a bead of silicone caulk between the frame and outside of the wall. 


Don’t hammer using hard-headed mallets, use soft-headed mallets to hammer. Otherwise, it may damage your frame or wall.

Always buy your uPVC window from a trustworthy company. Because, quality and price matter the most.  Choose Trade uPVC doors and windows to buy your product.


  • uPVC Windows, also called vinyl sliding windows,  are modern replacements of traditional windows. They offer your place an attractive and stylish appearance.
  • When you buy these uPVC windows from Trade uPVC doors and windows, they also come up with accessories such as glass, screws, glazing , sill and sill end caps.

Importance of Properly Installed uPVC Windows

Improperly installed windows not only make your place ugly. But also it can ruin your effort, money and time. So, carefully install the window. Follow the above mentioned points to properly install upvc window. A properly installed window will make your place extra luxurious and will also offer you some other advantages. For example, they will filter out UV radiations from sunlight and also offer your place thermal efficiency. 


Be very cautious while removing existing windows as well as installing new windows. Because, in the process, you will use a knife and other tools that can harm you in case of carelessness.


uPVC windows are the contemporary window choice for your place. Because, it offers you and your place numerous benefits. Buy top-notch quality uPVC windows from Trade uPVC doors and windows and make your place thermal efficient, UV-radiation free and easy to maintain.


Can I fit my uPVC window by myself?

Yes, you can easily fit your window by following the above mentioned steps.

Can I adjust my uPVC Window?

Of course, you can also adjust them.

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