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Advantages and disadvantages of various bi-folding door materials

There are many materials for Bifolding doors. It confuses the homeowners about which material is best for us. If you also want to buy bi-folding doors but need clarification about their various materials, don’t worry; we are here for you!

After a lot of research, I have found the answer to this question: if you prefer low maintenance, UPVC or aluminium is best. But if you want natural beauty, wooden Bifolding doors are the perfect choice.

So, please read this entire blog because we will tell the advantages and disadvantages of various bi-folding door materials. 

Advantages and disadvantages of various bi-folding door materials

Bifolding doors are available in multiple materials, such as; 

  • Aluminium 
  • Hardwood
  • UPVC

Advantages of Aluminum materials


The best advantage of aluminium materials is their durability. That means after purchasing these doors, you will never need to buy them again. These materials are highly durable and long-lasting. For example, rainfall cannot damage the bi-folding doors’ aluminium surface. 

 Modern Aesthetic

Nowadays, all homeowners want stylish materials. So, aluminium bi-folding doors are brilliant and can leave the last impression in front of any guest. Their classic appearance can easily give an aesthetic look to your home. 

Lightweight Construction

Aluminium materials make these doors easy to operate and help you smoothly fold and unfold. This advantage attracts more homeowners to purchase because of their lightweight nature. 

Disadvantages of aluminium materials

Initial Cost

The main disadvantage is that aluminium bi-folding doors are too expensive. That means those homeowners whose income is meagre cannot purchase these doors. 

Thermal Conductivity

The second main disadvantage is that they could be excellent in energy efficiency. That means you cannot easily enjoy any weather with your family because you will feel calmer in winter and warmer in summer. 

Advantages of hardwood materials

Customization Options

The critical advantage of hardwood bi-folding materials is their versatility. That’s simple, which means these doors are available in different styles, designs, and colours. You can easily purchase these doors according to the home designs. These designs and colours are the best way to increase the home’s beauty. 

Insulation Properties

Hardwood is known for its insulation properties. That means it has natural insulating properties for maintaining the home’s inner temperature. These doors always help to keep your home warm in winter and cool during summer. After fitting these in your home, homeowners can rest in the all-weather easily. 

Increased Home Value

Remember that investing in hardwood bi-folding materials can increase the value of your home. That means their aesthetic appeal and insulation properties attract many buyers to purchase the house at a reasonable price. Additionally, many homeowners fit these in their homes to attract buyers, and the seller gets too much profit. 

Disadvantages of hardwood Bifolding materials


The main advantage is that it is more expensive than aluminium and UPVC. Those homeowners who cannot afford these doors whose income is very low. They are costly due to their super excellent features.

Maintenance Demands

Many homeowners reject these doors because of their regular maintenance. That means these hardwood Bifolding doors require painting or staining, protecting them from the elements. It can also waste you a lot of money. 

Advantages of UPVC bi-folding materials


It has very fantastic advantages. UPVC bi-folding doors are known for their low price. That means these are available at a meagre cost compared to hardwood or aluminium doors. Now, you can easily purchase these doors. 

Low Maintenance

UPVC bi-folding doors require lower maintenance than doors. You can easily clean it after a few days. You can use a soft cloth and brush to clean the dust and germs. You don’t need to paint or something on it. 

Security Features

Many homeowners purchase these doors due to their excellent security. These doors are available with multiple locking systems. Their locking system enhances the safety of your overall home.

Disadvantages of UPVC bi-folding materials

Limited Aesthetics

UPVC bi-folding materials are available in a limited range of aesthetic options than hardwood and aluminium. They are available in little designs and colours. If you’re looking for a specific appearance, UPVC might offer less variety.

Vulnerability to Scratches

UPVC surfaces can be prone to scratches, impacting the appearance of the material. These disadvantages can decrease the beauty of these doors. It means you should care during handling and cleaning to avoid visible scratches.

Which material is better for Bifolding doors?

Choosing the materials for Bifolding doors is a critical decision. It depends on your specific needs and preferences. As I told you, your material has a few disadvantages. 

Well, when you choose the material for bi-folding doors. Keep some essential things in your mind. The first is to look at your budget; if your budget is low and you want low-maintenance doors, UPVC is the perfect choice.

On the other hand, if your budget is better and you want long durability, aluminium bi-folding doors will be the best choice for those doors that elements cannot damage.

But if you earn excellent means, you can afford expensive doors and natural beauty that can increase the value of your home; hardwood is the perfect choice for you. 

Last words

Bifolding doors are one of the best doors out of many doors. They are available with many advantages. But the key benefit is they are known for their space-saving doors. That means if you live in a small house, these are the best doors for you.

They are also available in many materials, such as aluminium, UPVC, and hardwood. So, you can easily choose any one material after reading this blog. In this, I have told you the advantages and disadvantages of these materials. 

Now, please don’t wait; go ahead and purchase this door with good material and get its fantastic advantages. 

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Q1: What are bifold doors, and how do they work?

A: Bifold doors are folding doors with two panels hinged together. They work very well in providing a space-saving solution.   

Q2: How much do bifold doors cost?

A: It depends on their specific materials, but you can expect to pay between £1,500 and £4,000 for an aluminium bifold door, including installation.

Q3: Which is best, uPVC or aluminium bifold doors?

A: Aluminium offers the best durability and aesthetic appeal, but UPVC is also best because it is budget-friendly. 

Q4: What are the characteristics of a bifold door?

A: Bifold doors offer excellent features such as space-saving, aesthetic appeal, and versatility. 

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