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How To Replace Upvc Window Handle

At times, the handles of upvc windows don’t work properly. Also, window handles can be damaged due to any reason. However, due to both these reasons, it becomes difficult to open or close the window for homeowners. 

I am a professional working in Trade upvc windows and doors, a top window selling company , in GlasgowUK. I can assure you that replacement of the previous handle with the newer one is a wise choice in this scenario. In this article, you’ll get to know every single detail about how to replace handles of upvc windows by yourself!

How Do You Know that the uPVC Windows handles need replacement?

It is not a hard job to understand the condition of your window. You just have to recognize some of the clear cut signs to know either your window needs a replacement or not.

  • Firstly, your window handle turns loosely, or doesn’t turn at all. It clearly indicates you should replace the handle as soon as possible.
  • Secondly, if you are unable to lock your window properly, it also may be due to malfunctioning of the window handle. 
  • Thirdly, your damaged window that is difficult to open or close clearly requests you to replace its handle.

What tools will you need to remove a uPVC window handle?

You will need only a few tools to remove the handle, and install a new handle in its place.

  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Drill or screwdriver
  • Utility knife

How to install a new uPVC window handle?

Step 1: Identify the type of handle:

To identify the type of handle, you must know what are the available types of handles for upvc windows.

In-line Espagnolette window Handles:

These handles on window sides have a rectangular flat shape with a spindle running in the center of the handle. It is the most common window handle for upvc windows.

Cranked Espagnolette window handles:

These espagnolette window handles have curved design, unlike inline espagnolette window handles. It is mostly installed in upvc windows that are hard-to-access.

Cockspur window handles:

These traditional window handles have a hook shape that is attached to the window frame with a screw, thus is not very secure.

Tilt and turn window handles:

These windows are for tilt-turn upvc windows which are designed for opening both ways i.e., from top and inwards. 

Your first step would be identification of handle type which will help you in further replacement process.

Step 2: Remove the Upvc window handle

One of the initial steps of replacing your window handle is to remove the handle.

  • First of all, open the window and locate the screw caps.  They are usually on above or below the handle.
  • Next, remove the cover cap of the screw. It will uncap the very first screw. Remove the first screw with a screwdriver.
  • Then, turn the handle at right angle (90°). It will unveil the second screw. You should remove this screw too with the help of a screwdriver or knife.
  • Finally, removal of both screws will detach the handle from the window. Be careful when you’ve removed both screws. Because the handle may fall down on your feet.

Step 3: Measure handle of a uPVC window 

Measuring window handles does not require a lot of effort. Just measure the spindle length which is basically something that protrudes from the base of the handle. Measure its length, otherwise handles of upvc windows come in universal size.

Step 4: Buy handles of upvc windows from reliable sources

When you’ve removed the previous malfunctioning handle, it’s time to replace it with a new one. You can order good quality handles of upvc windows from Trade UPVC doors and windows at a very reasonable price. So, your first step would be buying it from a reliable source.

Step 5: Placement of new handle

Now, you’ve to place your window handle at the same place from where you took off your previous handle. Then, start placing the spindles of handles in the same previous holes on your upvc window.

Step 6: Screw the screws of new handle

Next, start screwing the handles’ screws in the holes while holding the handle firmly in its place.

Step 7: Put the screw caps

Once, you’re sure that screws are tightly screwed. It’s time to place screw caps back to their place. 

Step 8: Test the handle:

Finally, you’re done with replacing the handle of upvc windows. Before wrapping up tools, make sure your window handle is properly screwed and working smoothly.


In short, you should replace your worn upvc window handle. Because they will not work properly to open or close your window. For this, first remove the previous handle of your upvc window and replace it with a new good-quality handle for your window. This will help you to lock your window properly as well as open or close it smoothly.


Do all upvc window handles come in the same size?

No, handles’ size and type can vary from window to window according to window design and modal.

How to fix the window handle that fell off?

If the handle of your upvc window is loosen only, tighten the screws with a screwdriver. However, you should replace your worn handles with newer ones.

What is the average life of handles for upvc windows?

The life of upvc window handles vary according to their upkeep, quality of material, and weather condition. However, they run for several years for you.

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