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How To Remove Paint From Upvc Window Frames

Paint removal is crucial either before repainting the surface or to remove any paint splashes on your window. People always wonder about how to remove paint from upvc windows. They want to remove paint by themselves to save their hard-earned money. 

You can use sandpaper, heat gun, and chemical paint remover to remove paint effectively. Most effective method for you is chemical paint remover that can be dangerous for you.  At UPVC doors and windows, you can hire a professional for effectively removing paint without any damage.

What are the tools needed to remove paint from upvc windows?

You will require following tools to remove paint effectively from upvc windows:

  • Paint stripper
  • Scraper
  • Knife
  • Heat gun
  • Rag
  • PVC cleaner

What can I use to remove paint from upvc windows?

You can use a heat gun, sandpaper , and chemical paint removal for clearing out paint from your window.

Using a Heat Gun

Paint removal from upvc windows is an easy task with a heat gun. 

  • Firstly, heat the paint area on your window with a heat gun. You have to hold the gun at 6-inches distance and move the gun backwards and forwards gently.
  • Then, peel off the heated paint with a knife or scraper.
  • After this, heat and scrap the area again if all the paint is not removed. 
  • Continue the process until your window is properly cleaned.

Using a Sandpaper

You can also use sandpaper to remove paint from upvc windows.

  • First of all, decide which sandpaper you should use. Use a scratchy sandpaper, if your paint is thicker. While using a fine sandpaper to remove thin paint.
  • Then, scrub the sandpaper on the paint area in circular motion to fully remove paint. 
  • Lastly, clean your window with damp clean microfiber cloth.

Using a Chemical Paint Remover

Chemical paint remover is also an option available for you to remove paint.

  • Firstly, cover the window area where there is no paint.
  • Then, apply the paint remover on the paint area as per labeled instructions.
  • Lastly, after removing the paint thoroughly, dispose of the remover properly. 

Using a heat gun and sandpaper can be time-consuming. However, chemical paint remover is the most effective method. But, it can be dangerous for beginners.  You can hire a professional at Trade UPVC windows and doors for a smooth, and error-proof paint removal using chemical paint removal.

How To Prevent Paint Splatters?

It is always better to avoid paint splashes than to treat them by wasting money and effort. So, always apply tape on your window frame. Before you actually paint walls near to the windows. It’ll prevent any undesirable paint splatter on your window.

Final Words:

In short, you should protect your upvc windows from paint splashes. Additionally, if your window gets undesirable paint splashes, you should get rid of them as soon as possible. Because they look very unattractive on your window, overall affect the curb-appeal. You can use sandpaper, paint remover, or a heat gun to remove paint effectively.


Can I use a heat gun to remove paint from my upvc window?

Yes, you can use a heat-gun for this purpose. But make sure not to apply over-heat on the window. Because it can damage your window.

How can I remove paint effectively from my upvc window using a DIY remedy?

Yes, you can try a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to remove paint effectively off your window.

Can I use a razor blade for removing paint?

Never use a blade for paint removal because it can cause scratches on your window.

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