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Are Aluminum windows better than uPVC

People find it difficult to choose between aluminum and upvc windows for their places. They are always confused about which one will suit their residential and commercial place the most. Because both windows are considered as good options. 

As a professional windows seller, I find both upvc and aluminum windows as durable and thermal-efficient options for residential places. Both windows have their own plus and minus points. However,  you should opt for a window wisely based on your requirements. In this article, you’ll be able to choose the best window material for your place.

What’s an aluminum Window?

Aluminum windows are made of glass panes and aluminum frame material. These windows are a fit-pick for modern locations. A great number of people love to install these windows in their homes, or commercial places due to their durability, corrosion-resistance, and versatility.

What’s a uPVC Window? 

UPVC windows are an economical option for homeowners. Because they are made from cheap upvc material and glass panes. Majority of homeowners choose these windows for their homes. Because of their numerous exciting features such as high-end security, low-maintenance, thermal efficiency, and pocket-friendly price.

Comparison of benefits between aluminum windows and uPVC Windows?

We are here to provide you a comparison of benefits between aluminum and upvc windows.


Upvc windows run for a long timespan for you. Because they are resistant to corrosion and rot. Your upvc windows will not  change shape or color even in harsh weather conditions.  

Aluminum windows are also resistant to harsh weather conditions and decay. But they change color and rot when exposed to a salty environment. Thus, they are not ideal for coastal areas. 

Verdict: When looking for durable windows, both upvc and aluminum windows are durable. But aluminum windows run for a longer timespan.

More choices

You’ve more color and size choices in aluminum windows as compared to upvc windows. Even though upvc windows also come in an array of classic and bold colors and styles. But color and style options available in upvc windows are less than aluminum windows.

Verdict: In terms of customization, you’ve more choice in aluminum windows.


Both upvc and aluminum windows are recyclable and eco friendly. But you can recycle upvc windows up to 10 times only. On the other hand, you can recycle your aluminum window multiple times. 

Verdict: Both upvc as well as aluminum windows are environment-friendly picks.


Upvc as well as aluminum windows are strong and durable materials. UPVC windows are perfectly suitable for any area because they do not corrode or fade color even in coastal areas. On the other hand, aluminum windows change their color in coastal areas.

Verdict: Both upvc and aluminum window materials are sturdy and prevent any undesirable.


Double or triple glazing aluminum and upvc windows enhance energy-efficiency. But upvc materials are known to enhance thermal efficiency. Because aluminum windows are good heat conductors and allow exchange of heat between inside and outside of place.

However, these days a substance named as Aerogel is used in aluminum frames to enhance their thermal efficiency comparable to upvc material. We recommend you to check out the window energy rating (WER). Because low E of the window will help you to reduce your annual energy bills.

Verdict: When looking for energy efficient windows, both upvc and aluminum windows are better choices.


You can easily clean upvc windows with a clean cloth. On the other hand, you’ve to repaint or properly clean your aluminum windows to maintain them.

Verdict: When you’re searching for low-upkeep windows, both upvc and aluminum windows are good options.


Both upvc and aluminum windows make your place secure for you. Upvc windows also come with multiple locking mechanisms for enhanced security. We also recommend you to choose any material but with advanced locking mechanisms to ensure your security.

Verdict: In terms of security, aluminum as well as upvc windows are safe and secure for you.

Sound proof

Aluminum windows have less soundproof ability as compared to upvc windows. Because a double or triple glazed upvc window acts as a barrier to reduce noise from the outside.

Verdict: Upvc windows are better options if you want to reduce noise in your place.


Upvc windows have a shorter life of 2-3 decades. On the other hand, aluminum windows run for a longer period (4.5 decades).

Verdict: An aluminum window runs for a longer time than upvc windows.


You should choose upvc or aluminum windows according to your home style.  Must consider the factors like in which area your house is located, condition of your house, and market price of your place. 

An Aluminum window will be a good option for your contemporary house. Because it will further enhance the elegance of your place. However if you’re living in an old styled house, an upvc window will be a wise option for you. 

Moreover, do consider the condition of your area or building before getting an upvc or aluminum window. Choose a window that will best suit the location of your area.

Verdict: When choosing upvc or aluminum windows for their aesthetic-appeal, make a choice based on the condition of your house and building.

Which Windows are Best for a House?

Both are good options for you. But decide based on factors such as budget, insulation, durability, and style. Upvc windows are cost-effective, thermal-efficient windows but are less durable as compared to aluminum windows. On the other hand, aluminum windows are durable, look elite, and weather resistant but more expensive and less thermal-efficient than upvc windows.

Final Verdict:

Both upvc and aluminum windows have their pros and cons. You’ve to make a choice based on your requirements regarding thermal efficiency, maintenance, cost, customization, longevity, and sound-proof ability. You can opt cost-effective upvc windows for your old house which have low market value. While, go for aluminum windows to enhance the elegance of your contemporary house.


Is uPVC More Expensive than Aluminium windows?

No, aluminum windows are more expensive than upvc windows. But the price of a window can fluctuate based on size, style, and other features of the window.

Do Aluminium Windows Cause Condensation?

Sometimes, aluminum windows are not properly maintained or there is poor ventilation in your place. In this case, the windows can serve as a surface where moisture can condense to form droplets. However, to prevent condensation, you should properly maintain your window or improve ventilation.

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